AHN Award

From 1998-2015, the Arts & Healing Network honored outstanding healing artists with our AHN Award Program. Although our organization is now closed, the AHN Awardee pages & interviews remain online as an archive, so that these visionary artists can inspire and light the way for other healing artists.  

2015 Awards: Art & Social Change

In 2015, we celebrated artists who have used their creativity to raise awareness and create positive change around social issues. Three awards of $5000 each were granted to Ehren Tool, Megan Smith and Rulan Tangen.

2014 Awards: Community Based Art & Healing

In 2014, we celebrated artists who have used their creativity as a catalyst for healing in a community setting. Three awards of $5000 each were granted to Amy Hill, Marylee Hardenbergh and Roman Baca.

2013 Awards: Honoring the Next Generation

In the second round of awards for 2013, we celebrated the future leaders in art and healing by granting awards of $5000 each to three artists who are 35 years old and under. The recipients are Jesse Etelson, Lindsay Walz and Tova Speter.

2013 Awards: Environmental Artists

In the first round of awards for 2013, we presented awards of $5000 each to three environmental artists: Basia Irland, Jackie Brookner, and Nicole Dextras.

2012 Awards: Honoring the Next Generation

In the second round of awards for 2012, we celebrated the future of art & healing by granting awards of $5000 each to two artists under 35 years old. The recipients were Bakunzi Jean Bosco and Sarah Queblatin.
Art by Daniel McCormick

2012 Awards: Artists Using Art to Heal
In the first round of awards for 2012, we presented awards of $5000 each to four artists using the creative process as a healing catalyst. The recipients were Caroline Lovell, Daniel McCormick, Drew Cameron, and Naomi Rifkin.
Art by Naomi Natale

2011 Awards: Honoring the Next Generation

In 2011, we honored the future of art and healing with three awards of $4000 each to healing artists under 35 years old. The recipients were Ricky Lee Gordon, Naomi Natale, and Sara Potler.

2010 Awards: Honoring Ceremonial Art

In 2010, we presented two awards of $5000 each to Vijali Hamilton and Dominique Mazeaud, who each use creative work and ceremony to bring healing to communities and the earth.  


2009 Awards: Healing Artists Working with Water

In 2009, we presented four awards of $2500 each to artists who are addressing one of the most important & threatened resources on our planet WATER. The awardees are Liza Behrendt, Joan Carne & Louise Towell, Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang, and Aviva Rahmani.


2008 Award: Rachel Bagby

Since 1985, Rachel Bagby has pioneered vibralingual practices that help people form vocal communities for ecological and social healing. A vocal artist, writer, composer, teacher and founder of Choral Earth, Rachel is internationally recognized for inspiring multiple generations to bring their voices to life.



2007 Award: Lynne Hull
For over 20 years, Lynne Hull has pioneered "trans-species" art, creating sculptural installations that provide wildlife habitat enhancement and eco-atonement for human impact.


2006 Award: Anna Halprin
Anna Halprin is a pioneer and innovator in dance and expressive arts. As a performer, choreographer, teacher, and founder of the Tamalpa Institute, she has introduced countless people to the transformative and healing power of dance.


2005 Award: Tim Lefens
Artist and author Tim Lefens is the founder of Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.), a New Jersey-based nonprofit creating tools and techniques that allow for the uncompromised creative self-expression of those with the most severe physical challenges.


2004 Award: Bill Talen
Bill Talen is an artist and activist whose public performances as
Reverend Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping very effectively call into question America's mindless consumption of resources and encourage people to reexamine their values.


2003 Award: Patricia Johanson
Since 1968, Patricia Johanson has been creating works that honor nature and the earth, applying her skills as an artist toward solving environmental issues such as sewage treatment and balancing ecosystems.


2002 Award: Lily Yeh
Lily Yeh is the founder of the Village of Arts and Humanities which for over 15 years has been facilitating major transformations in inner-city Philadelphia through the creation of community gardens, murals and other artwork.


2001 Award: Bonnie Ora Sherk
Bonnie Sherk, an artist and educator, is also the founder and president of Life Frames, Inc. whose mission is to develop site-specific, culturally-sensitive designs for community learning environments.


2000 Award: Betsy Damon
Betsy Damon creates environmental artworks that address issues of water conservation, and her most recent work includes the Living Waters Park in Chengdu, China.


1999 Award: Marilyn Wood
Marilyn Wood is director of the International Center for Celebration whose mission is "to discover the role of celebration as a vital element within our global community and to promote the creation of new celebrations that nurture the essence and spirit of peoples everywhere."


1998 Award: Bill Witherspoon
Bill Witherspoon creates visionary environmental art that has demonstrated how creative acts of reverence and gratitude to the earth are effective in increasing earth productivity and decreasing earth toxicity.

Learn More About the AHN Award

In 2007, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the AHN Award by creating a special episode of the Arts & Healing Podcast that includes the voices of all 10 recipients from 1998-2007. To listen to this podcast online click here and hear these inspiring artists talk about their current work and how art heals.