At the Arts & Healing Network, we are constantly inspired by the abundance of exciting projects and innovative artists in the field of art and healing. In this section, we hope you will discover that sense of inspiration too. Here you will find:


  • Healing Artists is a registry of artists working in all media, who are using art to heal themselves, an individual, a community and/or the planet.


  • Art & Healing Blogs is a list of blogs that cover the topic of art and healing. Blogs can be a wonderful way to learn more about the personality and process of healing artists and organizations, plus they often invite comments and dialogue.


  • Community Projects is packed with examples of artists and organizations who are doing art & healing work within a community setting. This section includes everything from bringing art supplies into hospitals to community art events that raise awareness about environmental issues to projects that connect young students with elders and much more.


We encourage you to use the contact information provided with each listing to be in touch directly with those artists and organizations that touch you deeply please send them your thoughts, questions and appreciation.