Marilyn Wood: 1999 AHN Awardee

The Arts & Healing Network is pleased to announce Marilyn Wood as the AHN award winner for 1999. With this award, we honor and acknowledge Marilyn's outstanding achievements in combining the arts with community celebrations across the globe over the past thirty years.
Marilyn is a dancer/choreographer who "choreographs cities." Her celebrations bring the entire community together to experience the vitality and diversity of its arts energy in a unique experience of spectacle and participation in the heart of their city.

At the time of this award, Marilyn was the Director of the International Center for Celebration, whose mission was "to discover the role of celebration as a vital element within our global community and to promote the creation of new celebrations that nurture the essence and spirit of peoples everywhere." This New Mexico, USA-based organization facilitated and trained others to facilitate city celebrations that revitalized a sense of community, reinvigorate "spirit of place," renew creativity toward a shared goal, and re-infuse fantasy, color, imagery, movement, sound and spirit into the heart of a city.

An example of their work is the Dia del Rio Cross-Border Celebration that took place on the US/Mexican border in Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas USA. It was a visionary, bi-national public art event with an ecological as well as community-oriented focus. Among its goals was to link the creativity and energy of two cities and cultures, and to re-conceive the endangered river that the cities of Juarez and El Paso share. This all-day event included community-generated bridge installations, banners, sculptures, storytelling, poetry, music, dance, and blessing ceremonies. There were creative installations including a storytelling fish - a fifty-foot inflatable fish that allowed 50 children at a time to enter and listen to river stories.

For more information about Marilyn Wood, email or call (505) 984-2230.

Listen to Marilyn Wood speak about her work by using the audio player below.

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