Bill Witherspoon: 1998 AHN Awardee

The Arts & Healing Network is pleased to announce that the 1998 AHN Award was presented to Bill Witherspoon, an artist who uses his art to reconnect individuals and society to nature.

With this award, we honor and thank Bill for his unique contribution to the field of healing arts and for his leadership in inspiring so many people in all walks of life, to awaken to the understanding that creative acts of reverence and gratitude to the earth are effective in increasing earth productivity and decreasing earth toxicity.

For an example of Bill's work, please visit the
Sky Factory. From there you may request a copy of his paper "Art as Technology."

To order Bill's cassette entitled "Land Art with Bill Witherspoon" (#2673, $9.95) contact New Dimensions Radio Station, PO Box 569, Ukiah, CA 95482-0569 or visit their web site.

Listen to Bill Witherspoon speak about his work by using the audio player below.

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