Image Credits

The Arts & Healing Network is so grateful to the following artists for graciously sharing images of their artwork in our web design.

Banner Image for the HOME PAGE (images listed left to right)

Image #1: Otavalanen children with Vijali Hamilton in front of her sculpture,

Achili Pachacamac from the World Wheel Site in the Andes of Ecuador


Image #2: Ellen Joseph, Garden Walk (detail), oil on canvas


Image #3: Charles Hobson, Poems from the Heart, sculpture

Image #4: Judith Selby Lang & Richard Lang, Cassandra's House (detail), sculpture


Image #5: Anna Halprin, Seniors Rock, collaborative performance

(photo by John


Image #6: A collaborative art piece by Shijo Jacob, A.P. Sunil, Liza Behrendt and Antony Caral with Amal M., Aneesh V., Manjunath K.P., Pavel Suresh, Prajeesh P.P., Shijeesh K. and Shyne K (courtesy of Beauty of Water)

Banner Image for the ABOUT section

Fern Shaffer and Othello Anderson, The Second Ritual of the "9 Year Ritual," at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, CA, photo document, 1996


Banner Image for the PROJECTS section

Raphaella Vaisseau, Flowers in the Grass (detail), watercolor on paper, 1989



Banner Image for the INSPIRATION section

Karolina Kierat, Scent of the Summer, mixed media on paper, 2009



Banner Image for the RESOURCES section

Patricia Johanson, Fair Park Lagoon, Dallas, 1981-86


Banner Image for the ARTIST SUPPORT section

Penny Kaela Bauer, The Gifts Project, photography, 1998-2010



Banner Image for the COMMUNITY section
Cindy A. Pavlinac, M.A., Candlelit Labyrinth, Chartres Cathedral France,

photography time exposure panorama, 2007