Q: How do I get my project, artwork, organization, event, etc. listed on your web site?


A:  No new information is being added to this web site, because the Arts & Healing Network closed in November 2015. This web site remains online as an archive of all the work collected and featured here over twenty years.

Q: There is so much information on this site. How do I find what I am looking for?


A: There is a search box on most pages. It does not, however, search our entire web site. So please be sure to visit pages that cover topics of interest for you, and use the pull down sorting menus when available.

Q: Can you help me find funding for my art and healing project?


A: One of the main goals of the Arts & Healing Network was to help healing artists thrive and be supported. To that end, we created several resources on this web site:

  1. A long list of arts funders & grants that can be found on the Art Grants page by clicking here.
  2. The Artist Support section is full of resources that are helpful in developing projects.
  3. Two issue of AHN News were dedicated to support topics:  the first is Funding Your Healing Arts Project, and the second is on Creative Entrepreneurshi e recommend visiting the following:


We also recommend the following:

  1. Searching the Foundation Center web site 
  2. Listing your project on Kickstarter.com
  3. Watching the NYFA's Video on "Finding Funds and Resources for Your Art"
  4. Downloading Blue Earth Alliance's pdf booklet called "Shooting from the Heart"